If the online application is not working, please email us at info@aaaforestry.com and fill out a pdf application.

Through professional training and top-rate pay, AAA Forestry employees have a world of opportunity before them.

To be considered for employment, you must submit the following by e-mail or mail:

Send all of the above to paul@aaaforestry.com or PO Box 328, Weiser, ID 83672.

Here is a handy packing checklist to aid you in packing your bags to leave on an incident.


Job Description

This job is seasonal & on-call. At time of call, you must be ready to leave within 2 hours.

Individuals must be willing and capable of performing strenuous outdoor work safely and productively and of accepting direction and acting responsibly. The duration of these positions is generally 3-4 months with work beginning approximately mid-June and ending mid-September.

Many of the duties performed on these jobs require considerable physical exertion; working outdoors in all terrain and weather conditions, working long hours, and extended periods of time away from home. Duties include but may not be limited to the ability to carry up to 45 pounds, run, bend, twist, walk and/or climb. A work capacity test or pack test that measures the physical fitness of candidates is administered as part of the selection process.


  • Must be age 18.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license or identification card.
  • Ability to act promptly and use good judgment in emergencies, and deal tactfully with the public.
  • Must pass the pack test during the selection process and prior to starting work.
  • Must complete and pass IS-700 and IS-100 courses.
  • Prepare for fire duty, maintain assigned equipment and vehicles for fire readiness.
  • Safely respond to wildland fire to suppress and prevent them from spreading.
  • Perform entry-level wildland fire duties including hand-line construction, water handling, general suppression and prevention activities or training.